Terms of Provision of Legal Services

Terms of Provision of Legal Services  by the Law Firm of Advocate Marzena Czartoryska

General terms


These terms of rendering legal services in electronic form, hereinafter referred to as the Terms set out the principles of providing legal advice to natural persons, legal persons and organisational units without legal personality over the Internet by the Law Firm of Advocate Marzena Czartoryska, hereinafter referred to as the Law Firm.


Provisions included herein form the terms of services in the understanding of the Electronic Services Provision Act (Dziennik Ustaw 2002, No. 144, item 1204)


The legal counselling service shall be available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. However, the Law Firm reserves the right to interruptions caused by emergency situations or maintenance of the service.


Online advice shall be provided during the working hours of the Law Firm, daily from  9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Provision of legal assistance


Once the Client has filled in and posted the form, the issue outlined therein shall be subject to analysis. Then, the service shall be priced, and the price shall shortly be sent to the Client for his acceptance.


The Client shall bear the risk of erroneous filling in of the form.


The quoted price shall depend on the degree of complexity of a given matter, the time needed for the specific legal question to be analysed by lawyer, and the number of additional materials attached by the Client.


If the Client accepts the price, he shall pay the quoted amount to the indicated bank account number.


Once the Law Firm’s account is credited with the payment, shortly, within 24 hours (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays) we shall send you the legal advice, the pleading or opinion drawn up. In exceptional cases, the counselling process may be prolonged to 48 hours, however, on such occasions our employees shall be obliged to notify this to the Client.


If needed, the Law Firm reserves the right to contact the Client by telephone or email and request additional information necessary to provide the advice, draw up the pleading or prepare legal opinion, which may contribute to the postponement of the deadline envisaged for the reply.


The deadline envisaged for the reply shall start running upon receipt by the Law Firm of the complete data from the Client.


The Law Firm shall not be responsible for any false, incomplete or inaccurate data being provided, and for the delayed complementation of the required information.


As a part of the specific service, upon receipt of the reply to the query referred, the Client shall have the right to ask questions, free of charge, with regard to the referred legal issue.


The Law Firm undertakes to keep confidentiality of all data and information relating to the performance of the specific task.


The Law Firm shall quote the prices for specific services of legal assistance individually in each case.

Final provisions


These Terms of Provision of Legal Services shall enter into force as of the date of their publication on the website and shall form an integral part of the agreement concluded with the user.