Online counselling

Faced with expectations from both our present and future Clients, the Law Firm of Advocate Marzena Czartoryska additionally provides online services through a system of electronic client service.

In the provision of online legal services, the Law Firm guarantees confidentiality of the obtained information, which is covered by advocate’s professional secrecy as of its submission to the Law Firm, and may not be disclosed.

In particular, the online legal services may involve provision of legal advice, preparation of a legal opinion, a draft contract or pleading.

Legal counselling is provided by the Law Firm 5 days a week.

In order to obtain online legal assistance, one should:

  1. Send an email to the Law Firm’s address [email protected] explain the matter or legal problem and attach scans of the documents held.
  2. Wait for the response, which is due within 24 hours and quotes a price for the specific legal service. In a complex matter, the service will be rendered within 3 business days.
  3. Send, to the Law Firm’s address: [email protected] acceptance of the price for the legal service as quoted by the Law Firm.
  4. Upon acceptance of the proposed price, the Client should pay the agreed amount to the bank account indicated by the Law Firm.
  5. Wait for the email with the answer to the referred question.

If the referred question entails a necessity to provide documents or a more detailed explanation on the part of the Client, the deadline for the performance of the service starts upon the Client’s compliance.

Payment of the due amount by the Client to the bank account of the Law Firm made to obtain online legal assistance is tantamount to the acceptance of the Terms of Provision of Legal Services over the Internet.

VAT invoices will be delivered by registered mail.


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