Law Firm

The Law Firm of Advocate Marzena Czartoryska was established in 1998. It is seated in Warsaw at ul. Żytnia 15, and its branch office in Otwock at ul. Sosnowa 5.

The Law Firm is prepared to render services to natural persons and businesses of various structure or organisational and legal form. It is one of independent Law Firms in Poland offering legal services to Polish and foreign business entities.

protokolA key asset which allows efficient representation of our Client’s interests, and, consequently, his satisfaction, is individual approach to each case. We advise to our Clients, but in the first place we strive to effectively solve their legal problems. Our aim is to seek the most beneficial solutions, both at the pre-judicial stage and after commencement of the legal proceedings. We achieve this with the aid of our previous experience, knowledge of foreign languages, principles of economy and negotiation, by applying efficiently the latest legal constructions.

With the view to the highest quality of our services, we analyse thoroughly each problem before taking on a given matter, and estimate the odds of accomplishing the desired goal. Results of such analysis are then provided to the Client so as to consult the further plan of action. One crucial manifestation of hour honesty towards each Client is that we never advise the latter to go to court if we assess that the odds of winning the case are only theoretical. This allows to avoid additional expenses and stress.

In our work, we are guided by the principles of advocate’s ethics and professional dignity, which represent for us the highest value. All information you may entrust to our Law Firm will be protected by advocate’s professional secrecy.

Such are the foundations on which our Law Firm was established. Expressions of satisfaction from our Clients reinforce our belief that we have successfully attained the adopted goals.

We cordially invite you to our Law Firm’s offices in Warsaw and in Otwock.